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Architect Studio 3D is an interactive opportunity for students to participate in any one or all of the following experiences:
  • Design a house from floor plan to interior details — Design Studio
  • Post their design and compare it to other solutions — Design Gallery
  • Learn more about architectural concepts and world architecture — About Architecture
  • Examine Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work — About Wright

Working through the Design Studio, students will approximate the design process of an architect. Allow up to one hour to complete the Design Studio.

  • Select a client. Presented with interesting descriptions of clients, students will select one or more clients.
  • Determine location. Choices include desert, mountainside, waterfront, rural hilltop, urban and forest.
  • Design the exterior. Students will learn about architectural symbols, proportion, scale, types of drawings, house heights, exterior materials, and roof styles.
  • Design the interior. Students will lay out the interior of their home and decorate with furniture, lighting, wall and floor treatments.
  • Enjoy landscaping. A selection of landscaping designs is provided.
  • Save your design. You can then return to work on it iater.

Voila! Your students will enjoy a "tour" of their home.

Design Gallery will be a hit! Students can post their designs and compare with different design solutions.

About Architecture combines Architect's Handbook and Designing for People and Place. Architect's Handbook contains terms useful to you and your apprentice architects. The colorful photographs and short descriptions included in Designing for People and Place will spark student interest in intriguing buildings from around the world. These photographs represent buildings from various cultures and reflect how a building can meet the needs of people in a particular place.

About Frank Lloyd Wright provides fascinating information on Wright's life as well as significant buildings and ideas which evolved from his passion for design.


Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
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