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I teach a single subject and it is not called architecture! What skills could my students acquire that fulfill the National Standards and my local standards?
  • Math is the science of patterns and Wright was a master of pattern design. Proportion, scale, and metric and customary measurements are used.

  • Language Arts opportunities for writing abound. Using the brief background information on a client, students can write a profile of their client. A rubric could be designed by students for the class to assess each design.

  • Visual Arts is exemplified by Fallingwater, one of the most well-known homes in America. This iconic building was inspired by nature and serves as a model for principles of composition and structure. Wright was inspired by his surroundings and experimented with materials and design to create the innovative buildings for which he is famous. Most of Wright's buildings blend with their surroundings. Some also reflect his fascination with the simple elegance of Japanese art and culture. Students might choose the culture and art of their heritage to guide their designs.

  • Science is what describes Wright's experience throughout his life. About Frank Lloyd Wright examines his experimentation with locally found building materials, the unit system used in his California houses, and the new construction system used in his Usonian houses. Involve your students in the design process using materials from their own local areas. Just as Wright wanted to construct affordable housing, your students can construct housing for the homeless or for emergency shelter.

  • Social Studies can explore the economic, historic and geographic impact on design. Designing for People and Place will spark your students' interest in starting an architect's sketch journal, where they can sketch and record design details of buildings from around the world, or from a particular architectural style or a time in history connected to their studies in class.

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