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Challenges for student enrichment
Needs of People, Particulars of Place, Energy of Middle Schoolers, and They're Creating!

Middle school students will produce amazing work when given the opportunity to socialize and collaborate to produce a product. Consider placing them in teams and running a design challenge. This challenge will tap Technology and Career Education (National Standards).

Brainstorm the components of the challenge. Consider points for a range of activities:

  • A brochure representing their architectural firm
  • Student-created renditions of some of Wright's buildings
  • A mock interview with Wright
  • A realtor's flier with pertinent details of Wright's houses that are currently for sale or of their newly designed house
  • A research paper on their favorite style of architecture
  • A debate between Louis Sullivan, Wright's mentor and Frank Lloyd Wright
  • An editorial to support the preservation an architectural landmark
  • A video conference with a local architect

It is often heard that students are not learning the skills they will need for the future. Wright is the role model of a visionary. The skills he used, such as experimentation, communication, technology, and creativity, will always mark the future.


Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
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